Is it cool that I said all that…

I’ve never been short on words, in fact, I can probably be described as the opposite.  I am, however, someone who has often walked away from social interactions and over-analyzed, even worried about how my opinions, advice, commentary might have been perceived.  Caring about what people think can be seen as a negative character trait, I’m not exactly sure where I land on the issue, it’s certainly circumstantial.  I’ve undoubtedly become less concerned with people’s opinion of me since I turned 40.  That said, taking a chance on my hand as a lifestyle blogger clearly puts me in a position for my opinions and commentary to be scrutinized by others.  Good bloggers care about their follower’s opinion and it’s clear, that’s why we follow them…right?!?
A few years ago I watched the “Made in America” documentary with Jay-Z, he claims that, “Every human being has genius level talent, there are no chosen ones, God has gave everyone genius level talent, you just have to find what your good at, and Tap into it.”   It energized me, am I a genius, nope don’t think so, but can’t deny that I have a certain level of talent with regards to the things I am passionate about. 

Hoda Kotb’s book about what we are all truly meant to do is a collection of stories of people realizing their passion and turning it into greatness.  Hoda also has an awesome and inspiring instagram handle, check it out.  My mom gave me Lisa Sugar’s book, it is equally as inspiring and maybe a tinge of a stinger as I’m that girl who had a similar idea years ago.

Where We Belong, Hoda Kotb
I am forever inspired by images on pinterest, this spring I am in search of a sleeved maxi, I’ve been drooling over the dress in the image below since the first time I saw it.  Zimmerman has some pretty versions like this floral number , this Ulla Johnson makes my heart go pitter patter and this Alexis dress can be worn as a kimono or a dress…so versatile, this hot pink Milly would be so perfect for a summer wedding.


Say what you want to say… – Sara Bareilles


Today, while running on the treadmill, endorphins pumping, the song Brave by Sara Bareilles came on and I felt a surge of confidence.  “Say what you want to say, let the words fall out, I want to see you be brave”…

I am confident in my sense of style, it is not for everyone, but I know it has certain appeal to a set of people. Still, I’ve hesitated to elaborate beyond my pintrest collections. Will the words I write reflect the passion I feel about style? Style speaks for itself, that said, being “silent” is not my strong suite.

I’ve gained a great deal of inspiration from music in throughout my life. The song spoke to me, I need to do this, there is so much inside, so much to share. Whatever the result, this will be worth it. Whatever the reason I know this is true.

So…thanks to Sarah. I’ve decided to let the words fall out and see where it takes me!