Winters in the Northeast are excessively long, unfortunately for me it is not my favorite season.  I am not the girl who relishes sweater, jeans and boot season, somehow every year I get through it, begrudgingly.  My uniform this year consists of these over the knee boots, for a higher end version Stuart Weitzman’s are a fashion blogger favorite!  Whether they are in or out skinny jeans are still my jam, I pair a black or neutral colored cashmere sweater with coordinating outwear, a Gucci belt and gold accessories, voila, there you have it…my winter uniform:)
     Amy Jackson from Fashion Jackson nails this look on the regular


Mondays are hard no matter how you slice it.  Whether your in your 20s coming off a fun carefree weekend or in your 30s and are tending to newborns and toddlers or maybe you are in your 40s and it’s just that much harder to get up to deal with your 9,000 responsibilities, Monday suck.   I like to keep my outfits simple and my brain as clear as possible.  I’ve found that mediation can be incredibly beneficial, that is if I have the time to use it.  I started using www.headspace.com about a month ago, they offer a free 10 day trial, there is no question that when I start my day / week with meditation things seem a little clearer, lighter, less dazed…
manic mondays

Life through Rose Colored Glasses


If only life was as pretty as it is when seen through rose colored glasses.  If you adore pink as much as I do, you’d agree that it can be used in almost any element of style for a beautiful aesthetic. With Spring’s recent “debut” we are seeing pink on the racks, at beauty counters, in the pages of magazines and all over pinterest and instagram.  Rose pink is not just a pretty color, the natural elements of rose hips and rose seed oil contain a power amount of vitamin C, that have proven to make incredibly effective beauty products. At the moment, my go to day cream is Laura Mercier’s Infusion de Rose Nourishing Crème .  Rose gold has also become a very popular metal for accessories, for hardware on handbags and clothing. Currently, these are some of my favorite rose inspired products and images.













Is it really Spring?

Spring is here…isn’t it?  It seems to be taking it’s sweet time.  Here in the Northeast, we are hoping for higher temps and greener pastures.  While we wait for all the snow to melt and the sun to warm the air, I can’t help but be inspired by my favorite flowers.  Fresh flowers are so happy, they can brighten even the darkest and coldest last few days of winter.

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Kitchen Update

We are working on our kitchen upgrade, unfortunately progress has been moving at a snail’s pace.   As a result of the slow day to day progress, I find myself drooling over home renovation blogs and home decor magazines.  The silver lining is that I am getting inspiration daily.  We are agreed on a grey and white palette with brass fixtures and pops of coral-orange, it is a fun project. Any update to your home can be fun…with a lot of preparation. Here is my first inspiration board for the kitchen, I put this together a while ago, new updates and ideas to come…

kitchen update