“if you write,


your lessons become your legacy.”  This quote from T-Swift resonates with me, big time… as so much of her writing does, for so many people.  She was just honored at the Time 100 Gala this week, in her acceptance speech she referenced Nora Ephron’s quote stating that “everything is copy”.    For writers when you break it down everything truly is copy, if you let it be and if you are comfortable with putting it out there, every experience, good or bad, every perspective, every relationship.  When you make your life your copy, as Taylor so often does, you have a chance to work through your thoughts and feelings with regard to your life experiences and more broadly, how your life is unfolding.  You have a chance to tell your truth, in the way that you perceived your life experiences to have played out, everyone is entitled to that, whether it is about “Bad Blood”, your “Reputation” or a “Love Story”, your story is yours to tell and that can be so liberating.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, in full disclosure, 99% of my “reading” is listening, so I guess it would be more accurate to say I’ve been consuming books.  I’ve always respected the art of the written word and have never been (by my own standards) particularly good at it.  Perhaps that is why I took a long hiatus from this blog.  Self doubt, struggling with content and purpose, who wants to hear what I have to say, or better yet, how I am saying it, all crept into my head.   I had to take steps to build myself back up to a place where I felt comfortable writing.  Currently, I am reading You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, so far it’s pretty great, I am writing this blog post, so for me, it’s working.  A dear friend and fellow “self improvement seeker” suggested the book some time ago and I am SO glad I’ve finally taken her up on the suggestion.   I’m feeling motivated, confident and a whole lot of self love.  I am on a mission to “raise my frequency”.


While we’re on the topic of “the written word”, I’ll take this opportunity to share some of the books I’ve enjoyed recently.  Each of these books inspired me in profound ways.  They are beautifully written, (see the covers below) each features a female character as it’s centerpiece, a woman/girl that had to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds in order to realize her true greatness.   I’ve read a number of memoirs; Educated is one of my favorites, Tara Westover did not let her unusual (terrifying) upbringing stop her from becoming the brilliant “Badass” she was born to be.  The women at the center of Where to Crawdads Sing” and Circe were dealt equally as rough hands in the game of life, they too found ways to overcome their circumstance and prevail.  These three heroines, did not come to greatness without making mistakes, experiencing heartbreak, giving way to doubt or insecurity, but they pushed on and ultimately changed the trajectory of their lives.  I’ve made innumerable mistakes in my life, I’ve said and done things that make me cringe and I am positive there are many many more mistakes to come.  This is who am I, this is the life I’ve got, and I want to make the best of it and be the best person I can be.  I don’t think that is possible if I don’t make mistakes and learn from them, acknowledge them and share what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown and I can move on.

Back to Taylor and style…I am loving the pastel theme driving the campaign around her big 4.26 reveal…to be straight, I love pastel colors they conjure a feminine, happy feeling for me.


Here are some of my pastel selects for spring! The petal pink Bailey44 cross over top is such a pretty color.   I am loving the tie dye trend, I’ve only recently dipped my toe into the tie dye pool with this iphone case (warning my screen is already broken…not so protective) , this Alice and Olivia tie dye tee is perfectly pastel and wearable.  I am 40 plus so I’ve pretty much aged out of the whole crop top look, but I do like shorter hem lines on a top paired with a high waist line skirt and pant.  I think its a classy take on a trend that doesn’t always work for women over 40.  This lemon yellow Black Halo two piece dress is exactly what I am talking about!!  Something Navy, has yet to disappoint, I’ve loved so many pieces in each line they’ve offered to date and the price point is oh so good, I love this green sorbet (their words not mine) Low Back Cami.

Ice blue, I love you!  I don’t have any weddings this summer, but if I did I would be ordering this Halsten Heritage Drape Gown, I love the high neckline and the “little bit of leg” drapery, it’s pretty fab.  For a more casual take on ice blue, this sweater Sablyn Violet Sweater is so pretty and cozy looking for cooler spring days.   Finally, a purple pant, I won’t mention that my husband inadvertently threw away a gorgeous pair of lilac paper bag pants, that I had worn ONE TIME…maybe he was confused by the fashion lingo…I digress.  I’m a huge huge covet-er of Smythe clothing, I do not, yet, own one item from the brand but their pieces are impeccably structured and made with high quality fabrics, goes to the old adage you get what you pay for!  For a higher price tag these lavender Smythe Boot-cut pants are super chic

More pastel pretties


* Yes Please to this whole outfit!!

*This dress is TO DIE FOR!

*Love this dress and you can get the look for less here.

*Just put this in my cart…love the print and the shape!

*And I’ll leave you with this pretty number, so ethereal




Winters in the Northeast are excessively long, unfortunately for me it is not my favorite season.  I am not the girl who relishes sweater, jeans and boot season, somehow every year I get through it, begrudgingly.  My uniform this year consists of these over the knee boots, for a higher end version Stuart Weitzman’s are a fashion blogger favorite!  Whether they are in or out skinny jeans are still my jam, I pair a black or neutral colored cashmere sweater with coordinating outwear, a Gucci belt and gold accessories, voila, there you have it…my winter uniform:)
     Amy Jackson from Fashion Jackson nails this look on the regular


Mondays are hard no matter how you slice it.  Whether your in your 20s coming off a fun carefree weekend or in your 30s and are tending to newborns and toddlers or maybe you are in your 40s and it’s just that much harder to get up to deal with your 9,000 responsibilities, Monday suck.   I like to keep my outfits simple and my brain as clear as possible.  I’ve found that mediation can be incredibly beneficial, that is if I have the time to use it.  I started using www.headspace.com about a month ago, they offer a free 10 day trial, there is no question that when I start my day / week with meditation things seem a little clearer, lighter, less dazed…
manic mondays

Life through Rose Colored Glasses


If only life was as pretty as it is when seen through rose colored glasses.  If you adore pink as much as I do, you’d agree that it can be used in almost any element of style for a beautiful aesthetic. With Spring’s recent “debut” we are seeing pink on the racks, at beauty counters, in the pages of magazines and all over pinterest and instagram.  Rose pink is not just a pretty color, the natural elements of rose hips and rose seed oil contain a power amount of vitamin C, that have proven to make incredibly effective beauty products. At the moment, my go to day cream is Laura Mercier’s Infusion de Rose Nourishing Crème .  Rose gold has also become a very popular metal for accessories, for hardware on handbags and clothing. Currently, these are some of my favorite rose inspired products and images.













Is it really Spring?

Spring is here…isn’t it?  It seems to be taking it’s sweet time.  Here in the Northeast, we are hoping for higher temps and greener pastures.  While we wait for all the snow to melt and the sun to warm the air, I can’t help but be inspired by my favorite flowers.  Fresh flowers are so happy, they can brighten even the darkest and coldest last few days of winter.

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Kitchen Update

We are working on our kitchen upgrade, unfortunately progress has been moving at a snail’s pace.   As a result of the slow day to day progress, I find myself drooling over home renovation blogs and home decor magazines.  The silver lining is that I am getting inspiration daily.  We are agreed on a grey and white palette with brass fixtures and pops of coral-orange, it is a fun project. Any update to your home can be fun…with a lot of preparation. Here is my first inspiration board for the kitchen, I put this together a while ago, new updates and ideas to come…

kitchen update