We Like to Party!

Outfit planning can be daunting when you have  one event to attend, in a season when its possible to have upwards of 4 occasions in a given weekend it can be downright impossible.   We are here to give you some holiday wardrobe inspiration.  Holiday outfits tend to revolve around sparkle, metallic and fabulous frocks, just a few of every girls’ favorite things.   The little black dress is a holiday staple, there are so many beautiful silhouettes for the classic LBD, no matter your body type there is something fabulous out there for you.   Some faves from this seasons racks can be found below.


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Metallic holiday looks can be achieved through makeup, accessories, shoes or apparel.   For the last few holiday seasons there have been countless amazing ensemble options in metallic fabrics.  The pieces seem to get better and more creative every year.  Metallic looks

metallic party wear

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Winter White

Ahhhh Winter White, it is just so pretty, clean and feminine. White creates a softness to any look, there is something about milky white paired with pops of color through makeup or accessories that can make any gal stand out in a crowd.

winter white dressup

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Navy is another great choice for the holiday season, it is somewhat unexpected and a bit more on the classic or traditional side, gorgeous none-the-less.  Some of our favorite style icons rock navy perfectly.







On Target

As per usual, Target has nailed the holiday season décor category.    For a modern take on Christmas decor, the best items, in my opinion, are those featured in neutral tones with glittery and faux fur accents, .  Currently, the Threshold brand, is by far, the leading holiday accessory line at Target.  Girlie girls (I know a few of those) can get their “Christmas on” in style, with pink flocked trees and wreaths etc., see some fabulous selects below.   If you are looking for the more traditional red and green/tartan plaid you won’t be disappointed.  Check out some of our faves in these three color ways:

white christmas.jpg

For the girlie girl in your life check out Target’s  perfectly pinkalicious Christmas items:

pink christmas

The ever popular traditional Christmas look is also well represented in the holiday aisles at Target:

traditional xmas.jpg

Faux Fur Fixation

Are you ready for the plummeting temperatures? Faux fur is a chic and guilt free way to stay warm through the chilly months. Whether you are reaching for your faux fur vest, snood, fabulous coat or cozy blanket, you are likely to be grabbing something made from a lush material that can often be mistaken for the real thing. The best part, faux fur is cruelty free and usually comes at a more reasonable price tag than the real deal. Restoration Hardware is carrying an amazing line of furniture and accessories made from faux fur. Ultra chic children’s hats, gloves, slippers and vests will make gorgeous gifts this holiday season.

Here are some of our favorites items in this luxurious material

Faux Fur