Welcome to Miami



To say I am excited for my upcoming trip to Miami, with my oldest and closest friends, would be a wild understatement.  In preparation, I’ve started to plan (and shop) my packing list.  I’ve taken a first pass at an inspiration board for the trip and would love to share it with you!

Please share any thoughts or advice for looking fabulous in Miami in May.




Here are some of the gorgeous images that inspired the board and purchases:






Kitchen Update

We are working on our kitchen upgrade, unfortunately progress has been moving at a snail’s pace.   As a result of the slow day to day progress, I find myself drooling over home renovation blogs and home decor magazines.  The silver lining is that I am getting inspiration daily.  We are agreed on a grey and white palette with brass fixtures and pops of coral-orange, it is a fun project. Any update to your home can be fun…with a lot of preparation. Here is my first inspiration board for the kitchen, I put this together a while ago, new updates and ideas to come…

kitchen update