Say what you want to say… – Sara Bareilles


Today, while running on the treadmill, endorphins pumping, the song Brave by Sara Bareilles came on and I felt a surge of confidence.  “Say what you want to say, let the words fall out, I want to see you be brave”…

I am confident in my sense of style, it is not for everyone, but I know it has certain appeal to a set of people. Still, I’ve hesitated to elaborate beyond my pintrest collections. Will the words I write reflect the passion I feel about style? Style speaks for itself, that said, being “silent” is not my strong suite.

I’ve gained a great deal of inspiration from music in throughout my life. The song spoke to me, I need to do this, there is so much inside, so much to share. Whatever the result, this will be worth it. Whatever the reason I know this is true.

So…thanks to Sarah. I’ve decided to let the words fall out and see where it takes me!


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