Say what you want to say… – Sara Bareilles


Today, while running on the treadmill, endorphins pumping, the song Brave by Sara Bareilles came on and I felt a surge of confidence.  “Say what you want to say, let the words fall out, I want to see you be brave”…

I am confident in my sense of style, it is not for everyone, but I know it has certain appeal to a set of people. Still, I’ve hesitated to elaborate beyond my pintrest collections. Will the words I write reflect the passion I feel about style? Style speaks for itself, that said, being “silent” is not my strong suite.

I’ve gained a great deal of inspiration from music in throughout my life. The song spoke to me, I need to do this, there is so much inside, so much to share. Whatever the result, this will be worth it. Whatever the reason I know this is true.

So…thanks to Sarah. I’ve decided to let the words fall out and see where it takes me!


Getting started

Right now I’m feeling like this will be a diary of my daily musings, although, I have no idea where this will take me. I love all things ethestically pleasing and I love to share them with others, what better place to share the things I love than on the internet. I find myself deep in the distant archives of style blogs adoring people I will never meet and have decided I’ll try my hand at this blog thing. I do not have an education of any kind in fashion, interior design, party planning or styling, unless you count endless hours spent on scouring fashion and interior design blogs, pinterest etc. I am going to start with a