Carpe Annum

Ahh, resolutions. With good intentions we all make them, unfortunately life often gets in the way of keeping them.  So far, I’ve made a mental note of a few that I’d love to stick to this year.  Coincidentally, one of which is to make more lists, to write down the plethora of thoughts that flood my brain on a daily basis (less mental notes).  Another is continuing to improve this blog’s content, aesthetic, frequency and my own technical ability.   There is quite a bit of work to do here if we are going to achieve the ultimate goal.  There is an obvious intersection between these resolutions, hopefully the success of one will lend to the other.

On another note, they say when you do what you love and you will never work another day in your life, undoubtedly a true sentiment.  Here we’ve applied this adage to the work environment.   I am inspired when I am surrounded by aesthetically pleasing elements.  Consequently, our current home improvement project is creating and styling a “home work environment”.  Using inspiration from pinterest images and some of my favorite style blogger’s home offices, I’m confident we’ll hit the mark.  So, back to the resolution situation… In order to accomplish the objectives I’ve laid out for myself this year, I hoping to create the optimal environment tom make it feel less like work.

Here are some of the images that have inspired me to create this space,  as well as my inspiration board…

This desk from Horchow is gorgeous, combines modern lines and feminine accents.  It’s elegant and functional.  Perfect but comes at a hefty price-tag.

Another beautifully styled work space

Mirrored furniture is beautiful and timeless. As part of the John-Richard Collection Horchow’s Lexington Office Furniture & Pagoda Etagere are gorgeous together. The Chinoiserie influence is perfect with the light color palette.

Mackenzie Horan’s small studio space is so well styled you wouldn’t ever know it is a studio. The Design Darling has an incredible knack for style.
mac desk

Our inspiration board, stay tuned for the end result! Looking forward to revealing:

Designed Desk

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