Fall Trends September 2017

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Mondays are hard no matter how you slice it.  Whether your in your 20s coming off a fun carefree weekend or in your 30s and are tending to newborns and toddlers or maybe you are in your 40s and it’s just that much harder to get up to deal with your 9,000 responsibilities, Monday suck.   I like to keep my outfits simple and my brain as clear as possible.  I’ve found that mediation can be incredibly beneficial, that is if I have the time to use it.  I started using www.headspace.com about a month ago, they offer a free 10 day trial, there is no question that when I start my day / week with meditation things seem a little clearer, lighter, less dazed…
Monday May

Outfit inspiration: Snow Leopard

We are loving snow leopard this season, a modern take on the classic leopard. Leopard is fabulous in any color way, using winter whites to update the pattern is perfection. We were inspired by style icon Olivia Palermo for this look:

Outfit inspiration 10/29/13