On Target

As per usual, Target has nailed the holiday season décor category.    For a modern take on Christmas decor, the best items, in my opinion, are those featured in neutral tones with glittery and faux fur accents, .  Currently, the Threshold brand, is by far, the leading holiday accessory line at Target.  Girlie girls (I know a few of those) can get their “Christmas on” in style, with pink flocked trees and wreaths etc., see some fabulous selects below.   If you are looking for the more traditional red and green/tartan plaid you won’t be disappointed.  Check out some of our faves in these three color ways:

white christmas.jpg

For the girlie girl in your life check out Target’s  perfectly pinkalicious Christmas items:

pink christmas

The ever popular traditional Christmas look is also well represented in the holiday aisles at Target:

traditional xmas.jpg