Floral Embroidery

I wasn’t immediately a huge fan of the influx of embroidery onto fashion last winter. During the spring and summer celebs were loving the prohibitively expensive Gucci iterations of the trend.  Gucci seemed to make the first major move on the trend and now droves of more budget friendly brands are jumping on the wagon.  Moving into fall, I can actually say I’m loving cozier versions of the trend. Embroidered sweatshirts and joggers are comfortable and super cute!   Embroidery is making denim more playful and fun, I can even get behind some of the footwear I’ve seen out there.

Welcome to Miami



To say I am excited for my upcoming trip to Miami, with my oldest and closest friends, would be a wild understatement.  In preparation, I’ve started to plan (and shop) my packing list.  I’ve taken a first pass at an inspiration board for the trip and would love to share it with you!

Please share any thoughts or advice for looking fabulous in Miami in May.




Here are some of the gorgeous images that inspired the board and purchases: